Monday, June 14, 2010

Cashcrate Money

Many people do not realize that the easiest way to earn some cash on the internet is to sign up and make money on a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website(s), where any internet user can get paid for completing various advertisement offers and surveys without absolutely any investment. There are literally hundreds of GPT websites on the world wide web, but only a few of them are fully legit and convenient, so be careful when picking a good GPT website. A big chunk of these get-paid-to-do-offers/surveys websites are fake, and will try to charge you money or sell your personal information to different companies when you register. So let me guide you to a real GPT website that has been proven to pay people real money for completing offers and surveys.

So what is a good GPT website?

Through my experience with Get-Paid-To websites (both real and fake), I can confidently tell you that is a great GPT website, if not the best. Cashcrate, unlike many offer/survey websites, is completely real, and it does pay money to its members on a monthly basis. In my first month as a Cashcrate member, I have earned $33 for completing several easy advertisement offers such as free gift card offers, fun quizzes, sweepstakes, free newspaper requests and much more. $33 for a month on Cashcrate is pretty good money considering the fact that there is no manual labor or very extensive mental work involved. Plus, I'm making money from home (in addition to my regular part-time job).

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Before I signed up, I was very skeptical about Cashcrate. When I first heard about a website, where you can earn real money while putting minimal effort, called Cashcrate, my immediate thought was - is this website a scam? How do you earn money and will they really pay me? I'm sure that anyone who never tried earning money on Cashcrate would think that it would be a complete scam either because they were scammed by other similar websites in the past or they are just naturally skeptical and cautious. And I completely understand that. Instead of just "sugar-coating" Cashcrate, let me explain to you exactly how it works...

How does it work?

There's nothing too complicated about how Cashcrate works. When you register on Cashcrate for free with real personal information (name, address- to send you a check, email), Cashcrate gives you a list of various offers and surveys from different advertising companies that it partners with. These advertising companies are hungry for more buyers or people who are willing to participate in their research. You don't need any advertising or affilliate marketing skills to earn money on Cashcrate; it has already been taken care of. Most of the Cashcrate members do the free offers, simply because there no investment needed. Whenever you complete an offer or survey, the company that you gave the information to notifies Cashcrate that you have completed their offer/survey and pays Cashcrate a certain amount (on average $.50-$1 per free offer). Then, Cashcrate pays you a large percent of what they made from the advertising company to you (usually 75%). It's that simple!

Will Cashcrate sell or abuse my personal information?

Absolutely not. This is explained on their website, in the Terms of Service. The only reason why Cashcrate needs your personal information, such as name, address, email and phone number, is to know that you are a real person (not a bot) and to know where to send your check. What's the point of doing work on Cashcrate if you're always going to have a fake profile? Who's going to get that check? Also, Cashcrate does not send you spam emails; usually the advertising/research companies that have their offers on Cashcrate are the ones who spam you (to avoid this, see Cashcrate Tips and Tricks).

How much will I get paid per free offer?

Mostly, the payment for each free offer ranges from $0.10 to $0.75. A few are worth $1.00 and $1.25 each. Cashcrate also provides with daily $0.80 surveys. You might think that's not a lot, but if you complete, lets say, at least five easy $0.30 offers every day, in just 2 weeks you'll collect $21, barely doing anything. Remember, there is a huge variety of offers that you might actually like. The free offers are very simple; for the majority of them, all you have to do is to submit personal information (I recommend real information, but some people get away with giving fake info without getting banned - it's up to you), answer a few questions (if it's a quiz or survey), and that is it.

Remember that your main goal is not to win any prizes from the advertisement offers themselves; your primary goal is to get those offers approved and make money from Cashcrate. If you collect at least $20 by the end of the month, you'll receive that payment by the 20th of next month (usually processed by 15th). I can assure you that if you take at least 5-10 minutes of your time every day (or even every other day) doing offers/surveys, you WILL reach at least $20, and you WILL get that paycheck in your mailbox.

If you want to earn much more money for each offer, you can do the trial offers that usually require a credit card. These offers are worth up to $100 (literally) and there is a big variety of trial offers on Cashcrate. You can choose whatever trial offer you like and at the same time earn a large amounts of money on Cashcrate.

What else can I do besides offers/surveys on Cashcrate?

Lots of things. For every dollar or two that you get from offers (if I remember it correctly) you get 1 point automatically. If you reach a certain number of points, you get great prizes for free (prizes include gift cards, ipods, cameras, etc).

Cashcrate also has fun games through which you can earn additional points if you're bored doing offers or just want to play some arcade games. But that's not the coolest thing, yet. Cashcrate has one of the greatest referral programs among many GPT websites - 20% of what your referral makes goes to your account, and 10% of the second level referral. Plus, there are plenty of ways to refer other potential members and get passive income. Now that's pretty cool. Not only that you make money with referrals, but you're also helping other people make money and you're helping Cashcrate grow.

What makes Cashcrate stand out from other GPT websites?

As I mentioned earlier, Cashcrate has a great two tier referral program, which is always a great advantage to GPT websites. Also, what makes Cashcrate better than many other GPT websites is the fact that the instructions for offer completion are very easy to understand and follow (some GPT websites don't include instructions for every offer). The offers themselves have pretty good value for a GPT and the value for each offer is fair (75% from what Cashcrate makes). Plus, if done properly, the offers and surveys get approved very fast (see Cashcrate Tips and Tricks).

So overall, is Cashcrate a scam? NO it's not. Will you overwork? NO you won't. Is it worth the time? YES of course. Cashcrate is perfect for almost everyone. You have to be at least 13 year old to sign up and be willing to spend at least 5 minutes every day or two. In today's shaky economy, it is definitely worth every minute. If you're still not convinced, just sign up and see for yourself. There is absolutely nothing to lose. You have to understand that Cashcrate and many other GPT websites don't just give out money; people often think that Cashcrate is a scam, or else "why would they give out money"? Cashcrate members earn money for doing different offers and surveys. There is no such thing as websites simply "giving out money"; you have to earn money by doing something like in a real job. The big difference between a real job and Cashcrate is that it's done online and the tasks are very easy.

Need more proof that Cashcrate is not a scam? Well, here's my first check:

(Click the image to enlarge)

Some additional facts about Cashcrate:

Cashcrate was launched in 2006

Cashcrate has over 1.5 million members

Since 2006, Cashcrate has payed out $4,019,401.67

The payments are processed through Wells Fargo Bank in Nevada, US.

There is no limit to how much money a Cashcrate member can make

Cashcrate has 33 prizes, which can be redeemed with points

Members can shop for various products through Cashcrate and get cash-back (up to 56% back)

Cashcrate has 12 different games, through which points can be earned

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If you need help with completing offers, go to my Cashcrate Signup Help and Cashcrate Tips and Tricks page. Any comments are welcomed as long as you are not spamming.
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